Understanding how Maths works is more important than the process

In Australia, it is obvious by our International Numeracy Ranking decline that there are far
too many students with gaps in their calculation skills and basic understanding of
Mathematical concepts. For students to achieve in Maths through High School a thorough
understanding of number skills and computation is necessary to solve numerical problems.

Some Primary students have noticeable gaps in reciting times tables and conceptual
knowledge of decimals, fractions and percentages which are the building blocks required to
cope with the introduction of algebra, finance, geometry and statistics topics taught as part
of the Maths Curriculum.

Is it time to focus on the basics again for the kids in our Pottsville and surrounding
communities? Obtaining confidence in maths through tutoring enables students to achieve
in the new Australian Maths Curriculum that encompasses 21 st century learning.

We at Tweed Coast Tutoring assess student’s weaknesses and then strengthen these areas
to build confidence and ability to thrive in Maths.

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