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Terms of Enrolment

* The minimum term of enrolment is ten (10) weeks

* Following an assessment of the student’s needs and abilities the tutor will develop an individual learning program. Individual learning programs are designed for the particular student and copyright in such programs remains the property of the tutor.

* General tutorial sessions are 45 minutes each at a cost of $300 per Term

* Specific HSC Study & Preparation Sessions (Years 11-12 Only) are 1 1/2 Hours at a cost of $400 per Term
* It is a condition of all sessions that fees have been paid by due date

* A minimum of 24 hours notice via email or text is required in the event that the student cannot attend a session.

* Makeup session will be offered upon receipt of cancellation notice being received no less than 24hrs prior to the tutorial session. Failure to notify the tutor in accordance with these terms will result in forfeit of session.

* Two (2) weeks notice to be given for termination of enrolment.

* Tweed Coast Tutoring makes no guarantee as to the results that the student will achieve in school-based assessments or examinations.