Yrs 6-10 Tutorial Sessions

Each 45 minute tutorial session will consist of revision, new concepts, skill development and homework support.
Students enrolling in either of Yr6-8, Yr7-8 or Yr9-10 Maths tutoring session will receive:

  • An assessment based on previous school year Mathematics standards.
  • An individualised program addressing weaknesses which have been identified from the assessment.
  • Assistance with current Maths homework
  • Consolidation of mathematical concepts
  • Revised program when necessary
  • Ongoing Parental feedback

Cost: $300 per Term

Senior Maths Tutorials

Senior Maths sessions are a 90 minute group tutorial session that is tailored towards assisting senior students through the Preliminary and HSC Courses, from Standard 1 to Extension 2.

Students enrolling in this tutoring session will receive:

  • Exam techniques in all HSC Maths courses – Tips on answering exam style questions
  • HSC Tricks and Tips – pointers on maximising results in HSC exams
  • Study Skills – correct methods of summary preparation
  • HSC style practice questions by topic with solutions

Cost: $400 per Term

HSC Workshops

HSC Workshops are designed for students, studying Preliminary and HSC courses, to access qualified specialist subject teachers in a variety of Key Learning Areas (KLA).

These workshops will be subject and topic specific and will enhance student knowledge base enabling them to improve their understanding of the topic area. Subject and date of workshops are based on availability of qualified staff.

Workshops will be advertised in advanced and students will be able to register through the enrolment page on Tweed Coast Tutoring Website.

Workshop Cost: $40 per student