The Importance Of Knowing Your Times Tables

Students being able to fluently recite their times tables, firstly gives them confidence in Maths and enables them to do important computations in their head.

The underlying content of fractions, decimals, percentages and algebra is in the ability to be able to multiply and divide accurately and efficiently. This comes from knowing times tables.

Applications involving times tables can only be taught when the basic skills have been learnt. We at Tweed Coast Tutoring encourage our students to know their times tables so they are confident in their computation skills. However, knowledge of the times tables is not useful by itself once they have been learnt, the child must then learn how to apply this knowledge in a mathematical context. These skills become the building blocks for learning Maths in High School.

The old adage of placing times tables on the back of the toilet door, singing or using games to learn times tables is alive and well and should be encouraged.

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